brand introduction

Originating from the touch of French romantic culture, perceiving life and returning to essence
Persist in selecting high-quality fabrics with exquisite craftsmanship and detail quality
Create an elegant, exquisite, minimalist, and fashionable dressing style
Presenting the beauty of women's frankness and composure, interpreting an independent and harmonious life state
Creating a casual and comfortable luxurious life

Brand Positioning

Age positioning:

Psychological age: 30-45 years old

Mature urban women who pursue fashion, advocate elegance, have independent intellectual abilities, and possess certain aesthetic abilities.

Brand Introduction:

Modern urban women pursue an independent and free lifestyle, advocating individuality and autonomy.

Triggered by international fashion culture, the BOCONER brand emerged,

Emphasize the beauty of women's frankness and composure.

We carefully select high-quality fabrics and weave them with exquisite craftsmanship.

Through the elegant silhouette and lines of the structure, we create an intelligent and confident image of urban women, create an elegant and fashionable high-end lifestyle, showcase luxury taste, and allow elegance and self coexistence.

BOCONER balances the proportional relationship between colors with bright, high saturation tones or calm, high-end gray tones, expressing the emotions of urban women, and allowing them to fully release their personalities and emotions. Anticipating nature from infinite possibilities, seeking nature, deeply seeing nature, and knowing nature, hiding nature within clothing without seeing rules.